lavender blossom air freshening & odor eliminating sprays

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“one spray goes a long way and a few sprays clear your troubles away”.

your home is your sanctuary - but sometimes the air inside lacks the freshness you deserve. with our essential oil-based air freshening spray, we created a solution for you to have clean-smelling, fresh air throughout your home or office without covering up unpleasant scents with more unpleasant scents.  all it takes is a few sprays to enjoy the convenience of on-demand freshness to quickly refresh your space. we created three amazing scents to select from, so finding your desired scent to match your taste is easy. our natural formula works to neutralize odors and freshen rooms so you can relax knowing that our air freshening & odor eliminating spray will leave each of your rooms smelling fresh with safe, non-toxic ingredients and without any overpowering fragrances.

our lavender blossom scent radiates bright notes of citrus, vanilla, and lavender, creating a balanced presence in your home between vibrance and calm. 

how to use:

lightly shake before use and spray as desired to freshen. for intense odors, spray directly near the source as needed. test for colorfastness before using on fabrics and do not spray near or on white fabrics. 

what’s in this product:
air essentials air freshening & odor eliminating spray contains only plant-derived ingredients and a blend of pure essential oils. each spray provides a pleasant aroma that does not overwhelm the senses. 

air freshening & odor eliminating spray does not contain parabens, sulfates, dyes, synthetics, alcohol, or phthalates. every bottle is formulated with plant-derived ingredients. each spray contains 12oz.